Initial Consultation

This is where it all starts! You’ll get to know us and we’ll get to know you. Questions get answered and plans are made to get you to Smilesville ASAP!

At your initial consultation, you’ll be greeted with smiles from our friendly team. From there you’ll learn about how orthodontic treatment works, receive a complete initial exam, and together we'll determine which treatment path is best for you. We take pride in explaining things clearly to dispel misconceptions and clearly define expectations of your treatment goals. You’ll get a full picture of what lies ahead…your perfect smile!

Here’s what we’ll do at your first appointment:

  1. Review your paperwork, including health and dental history forms as well as your insurance information
  2. Complete a full oral exam including x-rays and photos of your teeth
  3. Discuss our findings and create a customized treatment plan for you
  4. Go over the cost of treatment, insurance coverages and payment plans

Ready to start?

Give us a call at 425-747-9210 or schedule your appointment here!

Here's a little map to help you find the right driveway to access our building, it's sometimes a little tricky for first-time visitors.