Let's get a few
things straight.

Welcome to Lake Hills Orthodontics

So where do we start? We begin by defining a clear path to success with you. No surprises along the way. That’s the best start to get to a room-brightening smile. Then, great technology is the “how”. How do we get there? We believe in liberal use of digital orthodontic technologies. What does that mean? We love cutting-edge tech that allows you to see the steps digitally BEFORE we jump into the work. It’s cool stuff. Our patients love it. And again, no surprises along the way.

We’re completely HIPAA compliant so sharing records and files with you and your dentist is a breeze.

How much does all this cost? Money is always an important consideration before taking on any orthodontic treatment. So we sit down with you and LISTEN. Listen to where you are in your decision-making process, and what the realistic goals are. Then we work hard to maximize your benefits, create finance options specifically for you, and at the end, we submit your claims so you don’t have to. We’re actually really good at ALL of that stuff!

Now, back to the cool tech stuff. We offer the latest and greatest treatment options from clear aligners, clear brackets, silver brackets and even rose-gold brackets. We have something that will match your style—Invisalign® to clear ceramic brackets and multiple options for braces. We also offer in house produced clear aligners at affordable fees. We also specialize in non-extraction techniques and the latest in orthodontic techniques. Tons of great options because no two mouths are alike!

Come in for a free consultation! Together, we’ll figure out which direction is best for you.