Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners have a come a long way since they started in the late 90s. We think they are great, but we know it's not right for everyone.

A lot of people love their braces. They love the colors, the feel when their braces get adjusted, and the simplicity of never forgetting where they are. However, there are some people who want to do orthodontic treatment but didn’t want traditional braces. Ahhem, young adults we’re talking to you! So like everything else, necessity is the mother of invention. As a result, orthodontists came up with alternatives to traditional braces and Viola! Clear aligners were born!

This creating an orthodontic appliance that was less noticeable and removable that could make daily eating and brushing simpler. For special occasions they could be removed stealthly and then resumed a short time later. In exchange for these conveniences, patients were willing to wear upper and lower aligners AND be diligent about wearing them diligently.

Which is better, clear aligners or braces?

They both provide instruction to teeth directing them in the path of movement designed by your orthodontist. Clear aligners are removable and overlay the teeth. Braces are fixed to each tooth and there is typically nothing between the top and bottom teeth. They can be equally effective in moving teeth.

We like to think of finding the right tool for the job at hand and applying it to the right situation. Some kids want braces, some adults want braces. Some kids can handle aligners, some adults cannot handle aligners. What ever the situation, we want to help find a solution that best fits your needs and goals.