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Trouble Brushing with Braces? Give Plaque HD a Try

plaque hd review

Back in the day, kids could chew on red tablets that would mark areas of the teeth where you needed to brush better. This was a fun exercise to teach kids how to brush thoroughly. When a patient first gets braces, throughly brushing your teeth can be a challenge for some patients.

While those fun chewable tablets are still around, there’s new way you can make sure you’re brushing your teeth well. It’s called Plaque HD, and it’s especially useful to teach orthodontic patients how to brush thoroughly and completely.
plaque hd review

Maintaining Good Oral Health is Important

Properly caring for your teeth and gums means you’ll have less risk for tooth decay and gum disease. Likewise, by not clearing away the plaque every time you brush, you’re more likely to have damage to your tooth enamel and gums.

For braces wearers, the risk is even greater because there are more areas you need to cover. In addition to brushing along your gums and the surfaces of your teeth, you also have to deal with getting around multiple brackets and under wires. It’s no easy task, and you have to do it twice daily!

How Plaque HD Can Help

One of the most important things about orthodontics is making sure you’re cleaning well every day. Not doing so will only serve to undermine your treatment.

A new product can help braces wearers better care for their teeth during treatment. Plaque HD is a plaque-identifying toothpaste that uses Targetol TechnologyTM to help you spot and remove any plaque you missed while brushing your teeth.

Basically, when you use the toothpaste, it changes marks areas you might not have cleaned as well. Once you have a visual indicator, all you have to do is go back and brush those areas until you get all of the plaque off. What this does is help you clean your teeth more thoroughly at home while reinforcing a new and long-lasting habit.

Learn more about how this innovative new toothpaste can help you fight cavities and prevent gum disease by visiting PlaqueHD.com.

Other Ways to Practice Good Oral Hygiene

While we’re not selling Plaque HD at our Lake Hills Orthodontics office, it is available direct to consumer via their website. But at $21 per tube, it may not be in your budget.

If you’re having trouble brushing your teeth with braces, let’s try a few easy ways to keep them clean before you make an investment in special toothpaste. Knowing what you’re looking at doesn’t cost you anything and you can always brush the same spot twice.

There are several steps you can take at home to maintain healthy teeth and gums. These include brushing, flossing and rinsing twice daily. Choose healthy food instead of sticky and chewy ones; not only do candy and junk foods contain more sugar and carbs that convert into acids, but more acid leads to faster tooth decay. And make sure to visit your dentist every six months for a checkup and cleaning.

Need a refresher on brushing your teeth with braces? Learn more good habits right here.

Still struggling to maintain your pearly whites? It may be worth giving Plaque HD a try.

Over to You

How do YOU take care of your smile? Let us know your healthy smile tips in the comments.

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