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The Debate Over Sports Mouthguards & Concussions

The Debate Over Sports Mouth Guards & Concussions | www.lakehillsortho.com

There is a growing controversy over whether sports mouthguards prevent concussions in contact sports. The issue is especially important for youth players, who are more susceptible to the effects of concussions and need longer recovery time than adults.

Some argue that athletic mouthguards are an effective way to protect against concussions. They’re designed to absorb any shock caused by direct hit to the head, face or jaw by altering the neuromuscular stabilization systems.

Others argue that the link between mouthguards and concussion prevention is weak, and therefore, more research must be done. Instead of relying on mouthguards alone, they propose that the best way to avoid concussions in youth is to limit how much contact they have during practices and even limiting exposure during games. One prominent physician even suggests that youth shouldn’t play in contact sports until they’re at least 13 years of age or older.

What is your take on the concussions controversy? We’ve love for you to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. Here are a few prompts to help get the discussion started:

  • Do mouthguards effectively reduce the risk of brain injury?
  • Is the possibility of concussion too risky for youth?
  • Is more research needed before we can know for sure?
  • Should youth in contact sports be limited to shorter game play?


Mouth Guards for Players with Braces

There’s no denying that athletic mouthguards work to protect against damage to your teeth. For braces wearers, this is especially important because mouthguards can also prevent injuries to your mouth, lips and tongue. Braces can lead to cuts inside the mouth upon impact.

But if you have braces, it can be tricky to get just the right fit. Braces are constantly changing the position of your teeth, which means you’ll need a mouthguard that can easily adapt right along with your changing teeth.

And of course, once your treatment ends and your braces come off, wearing a mouthguard during games and practices will help protect your healthy smile (and your investment).

If you’re a current patient, please feel free to ask us about how mouthguards can reduce the risk of injury and damage to your child’s teeth.

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