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Straight Talk About Taking Care of Your Braces

Straight Talk About Taking Care of Your Braces | www.lakehillsortho.com

Most people want a beautiful smile, which is why so many invest in braces and orthodontic care. But unfortunately, not everyone has the knowledge or understanding they need to get to their ultimate goal or end result. What’s more, improper care of your appliances and poor hygiene around your braces can negatively affect your result and your experience with treatment.

That’s why we believe in educating our patients and encouraging them to be active participants in their overall treatment. To help everyone involved we’ve put together some helpful information and a handy cheat sheet to help you do more of the right things (and better avoid the wrong things) to help you get to that outcome as efficiently as possible.

Creating Your Smile Together

Improving the look and feel of your smile is a two-way street. Orthodontics a very cooperative endeavor, which means you and your doctor should be equal partners throughout your treatment. Together, you’ll work towards a common goal, whether that’s to straighten your teeth, correct a misaligned jaw, or improve the function of your bite.

This means that in order to make your treatment a success, you’ll need to make it a priority, too. Just like knowing the difference between an orthodontist and a dentist, you need to know the ins and outs of your treatment plan and the parts of your braces. This way, you’ll better be able to tell when something isn’t right (and know what to do when something goes wrong). The sooner you contact your orthodontist to fix any problems, such as detached brackets or bent wires, the more likely your treatment will progress on time.

Healthy Habits for Happy Smiles

When you wear braces, your behavior plays a big role in your overall treatment. How long it takes to complete your treatment largely depends on how willing you are to properly care for your braces. This will also help you keep your teeth looking as healthy as when you started your treatment.

You’ll be more successful in your treatment if you…

• Know the goals behind your treatment plan
• Attend all appointments at scheduled intervals
• Schedule regular cleanings with your dentist
• Practice good oral hygiene in all areas of your mouth
• Avoid foods that can damage brackets or wires

On the flip side, you’ll be less successful if you….

• Don’t understand the goals of your treatment plan
• Miss or frequently reschedule appointments
• Don’t clean thoroughly or often enough
• Misplace or forget to wear your retainer
• Don’t follow instructions

Your Healthy Smile Cheat Sheet

There are a lot of different factors that can help you be successful in your treatment. Want to ensure your treatment plan goes smoothly and stays on track? Check out our handy infographic on Traits of Successful Orthodontic Patients, which you can rollover and get even more need-to-know tips for practicing good patient habits.


Over to You

Need to brush up on your braces knowledge? Want to make sure you’re properly caring for your appliances? Contact us today and get immediate feedback for all your orthodontics questions and concerns.

When patients understand what we are working on, they are more motivated in their treatment When patients know the parts of their braces, they can tell when something sint right and can better communicate about it This helps us stay on our daily schedule to minimize wait times Keeps your treatment progressing on time We are not routinely checking for cavities at your appointment with us We want your teeth to look just as healthy as when you started treatment This way tretment can stay on track, if something comes loose it can extend your treatment time We ask that you do your part to make your treatment time as efficient as possible Things that get stuck under the gums can lead to a gum infection. A waterpick is a great tool to clean They are willing to sacrifice to make treatment go smoother Makes treatment take longer when forces are direted wrong or not applied No changes in behavior means no improvement in treatment time or accuracy Progress can not be made without following instructions Shows they are not making their appliances a priority We want to evaluate your brushing habits with the wires in place so we can make recommendations Incomplete cleaning means risks for cavities and decalcifications Rescheduling usually means prime appointment times are no longer available Orthodontic Treatment requires periodic adjustments, when intervals are longer than necessary treatment time gets extended It makes it difficult for they to explain or recognize when something detached or no longer connected If they lose track of why they are doing something, they dont see the importance
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