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Is sitting the new smoking?

I remember as a kid that smoking was a commonly expected sight on airplanes, restaurants and in public. Somewhere over the years anti-smoking campaigns started making the public more aware of the health dangers of smoking.  The public became aware of the long-term health problems and somewhere a switch clicked for the American public and smoking began to lose acceptance.

In today’s society, adults are sitting in front of computers at work, sitting in meetings, and bingeing the latest TV season on Netflix (you know who you are). Kids are at school at their desk, at home doing homework and playing video games. This all adds up to more time sitting than sleeping sometimes. Physiologically your body changes when you spend a lot of time sitting in terms of your metabolism and muscle activation.

Over the past several years, I have seen kids of all ages participating in these “fun runs.” For some younger kids, it’s all about getting a medal at the end, for others it’s just participating because their friend did it. For older kids there is a competitive drive to be their very best, and for others it’s the social awareness of the event. I am so happy to see kids of all ages participating because it shows that they are making healthy choices that help them become healthy adults.

What’s also great about these Fun Runs are that they benefit some truly wonderful organizations. This year the race is called “All in for Autism” and is benefiting the Kindering Center and Seattle Children’s Autism Center. When I was in college I volunteered 2 days per week at Blythedale Children’s Hospital in the Early Childhood center. I got to spend time with kids that had some congenital issues like cerebral palsy, spina bifida, and various developmental delays. An important aspect of that experience was connecting with doctors and therapists who had chosen a career helping this patient population and the “heart” they put into their work. It was a truly formative experience for me and I saw that no matter what the physical issues kids were working through, they were all still very much just kids who wanted to be kids.

On April 26th, the Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club is organizing its annual Bellevue 10K/5K run. Lake Hills Orthodontics is proud to be a sponsor of this fun event that offers a unique way to see downtown Bellevue by foot. The LHO Team will be there so we hope to see you there!

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