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LHO Summer Guide to Staycation with Your Kids

LHO Summer Guide to Staycation with Your Kids | www.lakehillsortho.com

You don’t have to travel far to have an amazing summer vacation with your family. In fact, there are plenty of ways you can soak up the vacation vibes right here on the Eastside.

Whether you’re sticking around for a day, a weekend or even a week, we’ve pulled together some local activities and attractions to help you plan your staycation with your kids.

Have Fun in Your Own Backyard

Transform your outdoor space into your next destination.

  • Create your own mini film festival in your outdoor movie theater. Pick a theme, grab some concessions and kick back at sundown for a movie marathon. The Princess Bride is one of Dr.Charoenkul’s favorites.
  • Why not pitch a tent and camp under the stars? Make the experience extra special by heating some s’mores over the grill and using the Night Sky app or Sky Guide app to identify summer constellations while you nosh. You just point the app at the sky and it will tell you exactly what constellation you are looking at.
  • Beat the heat with a water games day for your family (and even a few friends). Think sponge toss, slip ‘n slide, water limbo and other “keep cool” activities. Grab some PVC pipe parts with valves and holes and turn it into your own backyard water park.


Make Like a Tourist

See the city like you never have before.

  • Check off a few items from your local attractions bucket list. Work together to plan a road trip route to hit 3-4 of your family’s top picks over the weekend. Even have the kids help plan out meals and expenses on a specified budget.
  • Go on a self-guided window tour of Boehm’s Candies to glimpse (and smell) their chocolate production in action, then snag a free sample of your favorite confection from the retail shop. Dr.Charoenkul has done it and they’ll give you 2 pounds of candy to take home with you!
  • Spend a night or two at a kid-friendly hotel or resort. You’ll get unlimited access to fun amenities and nearby entertainment, plus housekeeping will handle the tidying up. Great Wolf Lodge anyone?


Embark on an Urban Adventure

Explore the city while nestled in nature.

  • Head up to Seattle Paragliding on Tiger Mountain, where you can catch an updraft and glide in tandem back down to the landing zone. If safety is your thing, just hike up to Poo Poo point and watch those daredevils take off.
  • Go for a leisurely stroll through Bellevue Botanical Gardens and take in the beauty of the area’s native and diverse flora.
  • Feeling a bit wild? Fly through the trees (literally!) and cross two soaring bridges during your guided Bellevue Zip Tour.


Leave the City Behind

Venture off the beaten path in a nearby town.

  • Grab your GPS and go on a Washington State Parks GeoTour, where you’ll hunt for several caches hidden among the forests, ocean beaches and historic forts.
  • Love a good adrenaline rush? Have a blast at a nearby amusement park, like Wild Waves Theme Park in Federal Way or Riverfront Park in Spokane.
  • Go on location to where movies and TV episodes were filmed on Whidbey Island.
  • Go for a camping Kayak tour off of San Juan Island. It’s one of reasons Dr.Charoenkul and his family decided to move to Washington!


Over to You

Are you planning a staycation with your kids this summer? We’d love to hear what’s on your list! Share your ideas with the community in the comments.

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