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11th Annual Candy Buy Back Event

It’s that time of year again! Lake Hills Orthodontics is happy to announce our 11th Annual Candy Buy Back Event is happening again, just a few days after Halloween.

Think you’ll get a lot more candy than you can chew this year? When you stop by our office on November 5th and 6th, you can turn all your extra candy into money! We’ll even take the candy your brother or sister won’t eat.

And don’t worry if you don’t live nearby. We’ve teamed up with several other offices in the area, including:

  • Bel-Red Pediatric Dentistry (15446 Bel-Red Rd, Suite 300 Redmond)
  • Cosmos Dentistry (1515 116th Ave NE, Suite 301, Bellevue)
  • Redmond Kids Dentistry (16650 NE 79th Street, Suite 100, Redmond WA, 98052)
  • Family Dentistry (1855 156th Ave Ne, STE 212, Bellevue, WA 98007)

For candy drop-off location information and more details, check out our flyer here.

The Story Behind the Event

Lake Hills Orthodontics began this event nine years ago when we realized our kids were getting more candy than we could manage from trick or treating. And as parents, we wondered what our options were for getting through all that candy – which can easily add up to several pounds each year!

One idea was we could sneakily throw a piece away every day. Or we could spread it out until the next Halloween. But from a health perspective, eating that much candy isn’t good for kids (or parents!), and the sugar can become addicting.

For you braces wearers, there’s even more risk to your oral health. We often see orthodontic patients come in after Halloween with all sorts of problems. Eating candy can mess up braces and lead to tooth decay problems when not properly cleaned. Here’s a few ways this happens:

  • Hard candies can loosen wires or break brackets off the teeth
  • Caramels, gum and other chewy candies are messy, stubborn and hard to clean
  • Sugary candies can get stuck between brackets or behind wires and cause cavities

That doesn’t mean we think kids should miss out on the candy collecting fun. Which is exactly why we started this event. This way, kids get to keep trick or treating and then earn a little cash for their bounty (and maybe even a special prize to boot!).

Candy for a Cause

Every pound of candy you drop off at any participating office earns you ONE DOLLAR – and a matching dollar will be donated to Treehouse!

Raffle prize: $50 Amazon gift card

Let’s make this an event to remember!

All candy collected during the buy back event will be donated to Renewal Food Bank.

Over to You

If you’ll be trick or treating this year and you want to indulge in a little of your bounty, make sure to practice good hygiene. Brush and floss your teeth twice a day, and it’s a good idea to clean them again after you’ve eaten some candy so the sugars don’t sit on your teeth for too long.

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